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Bloodline revived
Dec 11, 10 7:17 AM
Lets get back to business!
Sep 20, 10 2:19 AM
Durchest HM? Done!!!
Aug 27, 10 7:14 PM
A Night in the Tower
Aug 21, 10 8:06 PM
Party night at the hottest spot in Lotro
Aug 14, 10 10:17 PM
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Bloodline revived

Leruthien, Dec 11, 10 7:17 AM.
Hey everybody
Its been acouple  of weeks since we had abit of a fall out and our once stronge kin got split up.
Since some of us missed eachother we (Beo, Gal and Leru) started over with the kin. We have kept the name Bloodline, our kin house and Chew´s vent. But we started a new webpage
We started the kin primaly as a social kin but if we can we would all love to do a raid or two in the future. In the meanwhile we have started a alliance with a raid group which makes it possible for our members to join raids if they want.
Our goal is that we can get the old gang togheter and become the strong kin we once was. So if u want to join just send a tell/ mail to me, Gal or to our new leader Beo.

To the former Bloodline members that have found a new home. We are thinking about getting the old gang togheter for a BG raid at some point, alts are welcome aswell. Just for the fun old times. In this way we hope to keep in touch and still have alot of fun togheter.


Lets get back to business!

Vilendir, Sep 20, 10 2:19 AM.
It's been nearly 1 month ago since our first HM kill on durchest. Since then we've been in there and killed him another 2 times challenge mode on the first attempts with different faces from the last. Which is great, it's given other people the oppertunity to get involved and be part of the success!

After our first Durchest HM kill nearly a month ago, the next day we marched up the tower towards the twins and had a few attempts at HM. We failed, but not by much! HM was within our grasp as we had both bosses hanging onto their lives at 4k and 14k! So close!! But thats where the good news ends!

The past couple of weeks we have been struggling to get a group together to actually make any progress beyond Durchest. It hasn't helped us any by losing 3 members to other kins that used to be regular raiders. However, we definately still have the potential to go all the way in this raid with this kin. We all have real lives and most of the time it's work, studies or travel that conflict with gaming times and that is fine! But if you simply can't be bothered.... Find the will to raid again! And embrace the success! Which will surely come.

Durchest HM? Done!!!

Vilendir, Aug 27, 10 7:14 PM.
Durchest HM Complete

Tonight, Friday 27 Aug 2010, at 11:30 UK time, Bloodline Defeated Durchest and his 10 guards (Challenge Mode) for the first time! It was our 5th attempt on him that night and we had to run The Gauntlet 3 times but that didnt bother us.... We wasn't going to settle for anything less than Hard Mode! And our determination payed off. The team was absolutely fantastic and the buzz from everyone when we killed him was amazing, really great job guys!

Hall Of Fame
Dougy - Boots
Veldrin - Chest

A Night in the Tower

Vilendir, Aug 21, 10 8:06 PM.
And so it begins, This Thursday, 7pm

Party night at the hottest spot in Lotro

Leruthien, Aug 14, 10 10:17 PM.
Once again Bloodline dared to enter Barad Guldur. As soon as we came to the gates we realized, this is the place to be tonight. There was a line with about 20 peeps waiting to get in. After alittle waiting we finally went in and did the gauntlet without any problem. The security guard Durchest was no match for us and he soon let us pass. After that a we navigated the narrow corridors towards the twin Maître d's. They gave us alot of backtalk and it took some time for us to get passed them. 
Next stop lets get our asses to the VIP bar and its guard on the rooftop.    
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